Paul Verheijden - Director & Principal Engineer

BE(Hons), CPEng Reg, MIEAust, RBP EF 15977 EM1094

Paul is the director of Integrated Fire Services and a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) in both fire safety and mechanical engineering.  With 30 years of experience and knowledge in compliance certification, contracting and consulting has enabled Paul to develop the systems and structure from which Integrated Fire Services (IFS) operates.

Call Paul at office on + 61 3 9870 1317 or email


John McMillan - General Manager 

John brings over 25 years’ experience in engineering management and industrial experience.  John is your first point of call for quoting and project scoping discussions. He is also able to provide you with status updates on current IFS projects.

Contact John on + 61 3 9870 1317 or email


Sam Placido - Fire Safety Consultant

Sam is our new rising star that joined the team in 2018. He covers both fire safety and fire protection design. Sam’s experience covers hydraulic modelling, fire modelling, fire safety measures design drawings, compliance, design and fire safety reports.

Contact him on + 61 3 9870 1317 or email



Ramez Togany - Operational Readiness Engineer

Ramez specialises in operational readiness.  He reviews completed installations, ensures that they are commissioned and operationally ready as a fire safety measure. 

Need a compliance report, base line data, system analysed or a site plan produced?  Ramez is your contact.

Phone Ramez on + 61 3 9870 1317 or email:



Anthony Foster - Design Manager

Anthony looks after the technical aspects of using computers.  As design manager he ensures that our design drawings are to the standards we have established and is always looking for better ways to communicate in this medium.

Design tools include CAD and hydraulic modelling.

Call Anthony on + 61 3 9870 1317 or email