Developers, builders, architects,  building surveyors, building owners and managers can benefit from engaging Integrated Fire Services.

Registered Engineers

Integrated Fire Services Process Diagram

Being a registered practitioner is a requirement under statutory regulations for designers to submit an application for a building permit.

Authorities require that an Engineer is registered and appropriately qualified to issue a report or assessment of third party designs or installations.

Integrated Fire Services provide registered engineers to undertake engineering tasks associated with design, implementation or operational readiness of fire safety measures.

 We provide Fire Safety Engineers for Fire Engineering Reports and an appropriately registered engineer for the design of a fire safety measures. 

 All work is signed off by a registered engineer.

Integrated Fire Services report was very impressive; without exception, I have never seen a more comprehensively prepared one. It has been a pleassure working with them on this project. thank you for your assistance.
— Ross Brown | Able and Brown Pty Ltd

Knowledge and experience

This ensures that clients receive a thorough and comprehensive service based on over 20 years of business operation.  This reduces the likelihood of costly mistakes due to the “sins of omission”.

Individual engineering experience in fire safety measures spans more than 3 decades of design, documentation, review, auditing and commissioning. 

A culture of sharing individual knowledge and experience combined with lateral thinking and questioning has lead to innovative and effective outcomes.

Fire safety solutions can be developed quickly from a large library of established engineered solutions.  Unique and complex fire safety Performance Solutions can be developed quickly by expanding or extrapolating solutions from this library and experience from past projects.

Project tasks and outcomes benefit from an extensive working knowledge of standards, codes, regulations, industry best practice and emerging innovative solutions. 

 A network of associates, vendors, contractors and other consultants can be called upon to increase knowledge and understanding. 

Interpretation of the Building Code varies between Building Surveyors that lead to unexpected building costs. Understanding and addressing issues of interpretation are dealt with early in the project. Our experience with many surveyors and other authorities means we have been exposed to many interpretations and matched complying design solutions. 

 Dedicated and specialised team

  • Customers benefit from a small team that aligns closely with their needs.  These benefits include:
  • Ability to juggle resources to reduce response times and match customer time lines.
  • Team adapts quickly to new ideas with focused attention directed to developing the right project results.
  • Using each other's strengths to provide efficient and timely deliverables.
  • Sharing professional development and group learning to increase understanding of complex requirements for understanding the needs of the project tasks.
  • Making timely changes in response to industry and regulatory change with solutions adopting new opportunities of cost effectiveness and improved fire safety.

Structured approach

  • Mistakes and misunderstanding are avoided with an established engineering practice that follows proven processes and procedures. 
  • The depth of our experience means our processes have been shown to be helpful and effective.
  • Well developed check lists, templates and engineered solutions enables us to communicate effectively with clients, obtain the necessary information and reduce deliverable times.
  • Well developed processes means comprehensive and detailed reports are produced quickly and efficiently.